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DIMAD and Madrid City Council, supported by the Business Forum for Madrid, call on all graphic designers to take part in the first open poster exhibition of MadridGráfica17 with the motto The Light City, an event to be held in September / October 2017.


The deadline has already expired. Thank you to all the participants from more than 60 countries for their submissions! These posters will be shown at La Central de Diseño – Matadero, Madrid from October 5th. A professional jury will choose the one hundred most creative and original ones, and the winner will be annouced soon.


In the meantime, stay tuned for details about MadridGráfica17 exhibitions program.

What is The Light City?


Over half of the World´s population lives in cities. Despite the important problems they must face as a result of high growth, cities continue to be more the solution than the problem.


The biggest challenge in the 21st century is to find new urban models that change the logic which has generated some of the worst problems in cities.


Mobility has become one of the most important of those problems. We live in “heavy” cities when we should be living in “light” ones.


The negative impact of excessive car use is, above all, a symptom of our own incompetence. Although we cannot eliminate all cars at one blow, we can urgently start setting up alternative mobility systems pointing in the direction of what we are calling The Light City: reducing the number of the most polluting vehicles, increasing the use of bicycles, renting vehicles, carpooling, and the permanent improvement of public transport, among other measures.


When we talk about The Light City we also talk about Circular Economy: Recycle, Repair, Reuse and Recover. Applying ideas of urban acupuncture instead of “invasive surgery”: urban vegetable patches, measures against visual pollution, making cities friendlier places to live in and easier to use.


However, these changes cannot be imposed. To this end, to change the model of the city, a change in citizens´ mentality is necessary. Essential to materialize the transformation of cities, until they become the cities we need.


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