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It is time to Restart, to Revive, and to Recover.


After the great success of previous editions of Madrid Gráfica, DIMAD and Madrid City Council, supported by the Business Forum for Madrid, call on graphic designers from all over the world to take part in the poster exhibition of this new edition under the Motto: Re_.


Deadline: August 20th. All the submitted posters will be shown at La Central de Diseño – Matadero Madrid, and a professional selection committee will select those that they consider to be most creative and original, up to 100, that will be exhibited in two of the most emblematic squares of the city center: Plaza de Oriente and Plaza Juan Goytisolo (Reina Sofía Museum).

What is Re_


The theme chosen for the Call for Posters for Madrid Gráfica in 2021 is Recovery after the pandemic. And Re_ , the inspiring motto, forms the obligatory textual content of the exhibited posters.


Restart, Revive and Recover are action verbs that fit perfectly with the current time, when it is urgent to relaunch life and economic activity after the ordeal of the pandemic.


The proposal for this year has the obligatory motto Re_, a prefix that has a similar meaning in several languages: intensification, repetition and reconstruction. Here, accompanied by that final underscore, it indicates open continuation and the need for a complement. In other words, it invites you to introduce words that have meanings in accordance with this time for Reset and Resilience and that, at the same time, accommodate the graphic messages that each participant uses. Therefore, the text after the base motto Re_ is optional and can be written in any language.


For example,
Reiniciar, Revivir, Recuperar in Spanish.
Restart, Revive, Recover in English


The motto and the text on the posters can be accompanied by an image or group of images that describe the need or desire to regain normality in our personal and work life, as well as economic activity – all areas that have been seriously impaired by Covid-19 and the lockdown. A society whose economy deteriorates ends up losing its ability to react to any crisis. Cities are attractive for the quality of their urban life and are a focus for investment and talent and a place for professional opportunities, but we must be able to build models that resist and guarantee the safety of their inhabitants in the face of catastrophes, such as this pandemic, and not increase social inequalities.


In this Re_ Time, designers have the opportunity to fill the streets with messages that contribute to recovering the economic pulse of society, which is essential to achieve a full recovery of life.



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