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After the great success of the first Madrid Gráfica 2017 exhibition -where 524 posters from 61 different countries were showcased -, DIMAD and Madrid City Council, supported by the Business Forum for Madrid, call on all graphic designers to take part in the poster exhibition of this new edition under  with the Motto: Person City.


DEADLINE EXTENDED TO AUGUST 31! All the submitted posters will be shown at La Nave (villaverde), and a professional selection committee will select those that they consider to be most creative and original, up to 100, that will be exhibited at La Central de Diseño – Matadero Madrid, and in two of the most emblematic squares of the city center: Plaza de Oriente and Plaza Juan Goytisolo (Reina Sofía Museum).

What is Person City?


At the beginning of the 21st Century, more than fifty percent of the World´s population live in cities.  This ratio is significantly higher in Europe and growing exponentially all around the world.


The number and size of Megacities with populations of over six million inhabitants is increasing. Problems are now being measured at a much larger scale and require more complex solutions. The current situation -with an increasingly divided society in a global context of massive migration flows- demands the humanization of our coexistence, and therefore of our cities.


PERSON CITY Claims the city as a space for all. A place where all live together and where everybody fits in.


PERSON CITY Draws from the concept of a city as a place that encourages coexistence and human values as essential keys for social organization and to create an ideal environment for life in common.


PERSON CITY Describes our cities as a place of opportunity, where everybody can develop, live and thrive.


PERSON CITY Is a generous, supportive place that shares and gives shelter. A healthy place that improves living standards, looks after all types of people, caters for their needs and welcomes everybody.


PERSON CITY Designs the city as a public space that is respectful and tolerant. A space that is sensitive and understands the needs of its citizens and can solve their conflicts.



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