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Designers now have an important social task to fulfil.


Following the success of the first editions of Madrid Gráfica, but facing a challenging year in which messages of inspiration, encouragement and responsibility are required, DIMAD and Madrid City Council, supported by the Business Forum for Madrid, call on all graphic designers to take part in the poster exhibition of MadridGráfica20 with the motto Covid Exit.


¡Extended deadline! Submit your design until 23rd August. A professional jury will choose the one hundred most creative and original ones, that will be showcased at La Central de Diseño – Matadero and in two landmark open air locations of the city: Plaza de Oriente and Plaza Juan Goytisolo.

Covid Exit


The content of this new edition of Madrid Gráfica will move around the New Normal after the Covid-19 crisis.


The serious human and health crisis brought about by coronavirus and the forced interruption of all economic and social activities across the world has put governments, institutions, scientists and businesses up against the ropes. It has served as a global wake-up call that has left in its wake, along with millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of deaths, numerous essential questions that require answers and that affect most of the great certainties around which our political life, our economic activity and our society itself are organised.


But, like all crises, it also provides an opportunity. Recovering the lost normal means entering into a period of change. A time in which we must redefine which part of our life and our social organisation will recover and which part we are at risk of losing or should consciously revise.


Graphic design is a profession with a clear social function. But in special times, the graphic must demonstrate the importance of best communication practices. Posters, specifically, are a powerful tool to transmit messages efficiently and memorably. As Steven Heller, the North American writer and essayist who specialises in graphic design, says: “Posters have always played a role in public health emergencies, in times of war or epidemics.”


Designers now have an important social task to fulfil. They must fill the streets and social networks with messages of inspiration, encouragement and responsibility. They must use design to recover urban, cultural and social life, as well as the economic pulse of society, which is essential for achieving full recovery.


We need posters that transmit detailed messages, from different points of view, but with one common theme and slogan: “Covid Exit”. We want posters that have a deep impact, that replace long arguments with simple and powerful messages, that use emotion, a sense of humour and graphic energy to make you think. Messages that touch the eye, brain and heart all at the same time.



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