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Sustainable cities 2019

Sustainable Cities


The content of this new edition of Madrid Gráfica will move around Innovation and Sustainability in the future cities.


 70% of the global population live in large cities that take up just 2% of the Earth’s surface. This enormous urban population consumes 60% of all available resources: energy, food, water. Large cities are also responsible for the highest rates of contamination and are where most of the planet’s solid waste is produced. But also, at the same time, the large cities are where talent and most university life are concentrated, where most economic resources are being reinvested, where business activities are most intense and where cultural life is most active.


Rebalancing the needs of a high demographic concentration with social wellbeing; applying our technological skills to urban organisation, along the lines of what is known as “smart cities”; showing our innovative ability to reduce environmental contamination and waste management; juggling economic activities with an essential halt to global warming. These are all urgent challenges to maintain and increase the quality of life in our cities.


The motto Sustainable Cities for this call for posters to Madrid Gráfica 2019 summarises these challenges.


Sustainable cities are also number 11 of the 17 global objectives of the United Nations. And it is precisely this concept that encourages a growing reflection and concern in universities, businesses and think tanks around three parameters, which Sustainable Cities also aims to stimulate:


Social Sustainability: This concerns the continuous improvement of the balance of our society;


Economic Sustainability: This guarantees sufficient practices to maintain or improve the level of life of the population as a whole;


Ecological Sustainability: This enables us to address and resolve the problems of contamination and quality of life in every city and global environmental problems, avoiding any unwanted consequences of our practices and pace of life.


So, the main challenge for innovation in the city at the present time concerns sustainability understood as a broad and cross-cutting concept, not just environmental.



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