Call for Posters - Madrid Gráfica

Sustainable cities 2019




Following the success of the first two editions of Madrid Gráfica, that have set the bar high, DIMAD and Madrid City Council, supported by the Business Forum for Madrid, call on all graphic designers to take part in the poster exhibition of MadridGráfica19 with the motto Sustainable Cities.


DEADLINE EXTENDED! Submit your design until 31th August. A professional jury will choose the one hundred most creative and original ones, that will be showcased at La Central de Diseño – Matadero and in two landmark open air locations of the city: Plaza de Oriente and Plaza Juan Goytisolo.

Madrid Gráfica 2019
Call for Posters
“Sustainable Cities”


Terms of admission

Each participant may submit one poster. The chosen motto “Ciudades Sostenibles / Sustainable Cities”, must appear on the poster in the language chosen by the participant. The content of this motto can be interpreted from a personal, social, political or critical point of view or any other the author deems appropriate.


Posters must be submitted between July 20th and August 20th at the following website:


All participants must fill the form on the web with their personal details.




Files must be submitted in 2 versions, both in vertical format, with the following features:


High resolution


Size: 120 x 161 cm

Maximum file weight: 15MB

Colour CMYK

Resolution: 300 dpi

Text must be traced


Low resolution


Size: 1526 x 2048 px

Maximum file weight: 800KB

Colour RGB

Resolution: 72 dpi


Notes for filling in the form


– In order to avoid any problems when uploading the posters, we ask participants NOT to use spaces, accents, “ñs”, or any other special characters in the file name; and to ensure the size and format of the file complies with the specified requirements.


– To ensure the correct identification of the attached files, we ask participants to name them in the following manner: author_country.


Content and motto

The content of this third open call will move around Innovation and Sustainability in the future cities. And “Sustainable Cities” should be both the content and motto to be included -in the chosen language- in all the posters by the author or authors.


The goal of the Contest is twofold:

– The first, to show graphics and its practitioners’ capacities to deal with issues that concern society and to do so in an

appealing way.


– The second objective is to visually spread the motto and the content of the call, in this case “Sustainable Cities”, and to

successfully get the posters to transmit concepts relating to the humanizating of the city, following the definition included under the terms of this call.


Selection Committee 2019

In order to guarantee the high level of the exhibition and to ensure that the submitted proposals comply with the values stated above, six first class international graphic designers have been appointed:


Fernando Gutiérrez. UK

Lizá Defossez (R2 Design). Portugal

Félix Beltrán. Cuba/Mexico

Martin Majoor. The Netherlands

El Fantasma de Heredia (Anabella Salem & Gabriel Mateu). Argentina


The six members of the selection committee will assess the submitted work, and select those that they consider to be most significant, up to 100. These 100 selected posters will be exhibited in the streets of Madrid, and also at the Central de Diseño at Matadero Madrid. All the posters will be exhibited at C.C. Casa del Reloj.


Likewise, the Jury will select the poster which, in their view, best represents to objective of the 2019 Sustainable Cities exhibition. It will be shown as the winner in the press release of the event.


Dissemination Rights

Each participant grants Fundación DIMAD and Madrid City Council  reproduction and dissemination rights. Under the condition of mentioning the author and not altering the graphic in any way, with no further limitation than to include the author´s name and not to alter the graphics in any way, to use the submitted pieces for educational and informative purposes, and to make it accessible to the public.


Fundación DIMAD commits itself to always mention the name of the author and the piece, with the sole purpose of disseminating the Ciudades Sostenibles / Madrid Gráfica 2019 exhibition.


Data Protection Rights

All personal data provided by participants taking part in the Ciudades Sostenibles / Madrid Gráfica 2019 open call will be included in an automatic file managed by Fundación Diseño Madrid, located in Paseo de la Chopera, 14, 28045 Madrid, Spain.


The purpose of this file is to carry out data management of the participants who take part in the contest set up by the foundation. Participants may exercise their access, rectification, suppression, limitation, mobility or opposition rights by writing at or the address given, attaching a copy of their ID.